Citrus Perl is a binary distribution of Perl created for GUI application developers. The distribution includes wxPerl, the Perl wrapper for wxWidgets. The wxWidgets package currently included in the distribution is version 3.0.2.

Several other modules are packaged including DBD::Pg and DBD::mysql Additional modules can be built from CPAN as with any other Perl installation. For Windows users, a package of the mingw-w64 compiler is included

Distributions are available for MS Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

The distribution is provided under the same Artistic License as the packaged Perl.

The current releases of Citrus Perl can be downloaded from the sourceforge project site or directly using the following links:

Standard Release

Microsoft Windows

The standard release is provided in 32 and 64 bit versions supporting Windows 7 or later.

Download and Install Citrus Perl


Supported distributions of Linux depend mainly on the version of glibc and gtk+ used in the distribution. The standard releases are built on the Centos 6 distribution which has glibc 2.12 and gtk+ 2.24.23

Latest distributions tested for compatibility are:
Debian 8 ( Jessie )
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Fedora 25

Reviewing the distribution descriptions at DistroWatch that suggests the earliest versions of major distributions that are likely to be compatible are:

RHEL / Centos version 6
Debian 7 Wheezy ( released May 2013 )
Fedora 15 ( released May 2011 )
Ubuntu 11.04 ( released April 2011 )
Open SuSe 12.2 ( released Sept 2012 )
Mint 11 ( released may 2011 )

The standard release is provided in 32 and 64 bit versions

Download and Install Citrus Perl


The standard release should be compatible with Mac OSX version 10.7 ( Lion ) and above.

Download and Install Citrus Perl